Wouldn’t You Like to Know Who Pays the Most for Gold in the Carolinas?

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With prices nearing $1,300 an ounce, many consumers are wisely considering selling their gold jewelry. If you’re wondering where to sell your gold in the Carolinas, you’re probably considering a few things: How much is my gold worth? How do I know what’s the best deal? Who can I trust? Where should I go?

It’s not surprising that consumers have so many questions about where to sell their gold in Pineville, just on the border of North Carolina and South Carolina near Charlotte, NC. Surveys have shown price differences of as much as 200% between buyers. A little research can make a significant difference in the amount of money you receive, says Randall Heimhler, Marketing Director of Consumer Research at Bradford University. To get the best deal, start by finding out today’s prices online at Weigh your gold and calculate its value online. You can expect to receive about 50% of that amount from a gold buyer in the suburbs of Charlotte, North Carolina.

Now that you have an idea of your gold’s value, how do you get the most money for it? Knowing the hierarchy of gold buyers can help. You’ll get the least from mail-in buyers, then home parties, followed by jewelry stores and pawn shops. The best choice is a gold buyer, who actually refines the gold themselves to make bullion. Why? Because they eliminate the middle-man. Getting quotes from as many of these businesses as possible is the best way to be assured of receiving a fair price, says Heimhler.

Understandably, most consumers don’t have the time or resources to conduct such a survey of local gold buyers, so we conducted one ourselves. We gave 14 mystery shoppers equal amounts of 10k and 14k gold, and Silver (925) and sent them to gold buyers throughout the Carolinas. We took into account the fluctuations in prices, and sent them only to businesses with an “A” rating from the Better Business Bureau and excellent reviews from actual customers.

The following are the top paying gold buyers by city, using our 100 point rating system:

Recommended Consumer Gold Buyers Rating
Charlotte, NC – Piedmont Gold Exchange 96
Columbia, SC – Palmetto Gold & Silver 95
Charleston, SC – Treasure Hut 95
Greenville, SC – Atlantic Bullion & Coin 94
Asheville, NC – The Treasure Chest 94
Greensboro, NC – Bardy’s Estate Jewelry 93

To Better Understand The Current Value Of Gold View The Chart Below.

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Consumer Gold Buyers’ Report is in no way affiliated with any of the above mentioned companies. All ratings are based upon our exclusive research.